Wanderlust Photos: Images that inspire us to travel

Making A Rafiki In Zanzibar

Wanderlust Photo Wednesday! Images that inspire us to travel- Zanzibar!

Happy Wanderlust Photo Wednesday! Today, I'm featuring photos from the Island of Zanzibar (just off the coast of Tanzania in Eastern Africa).

This little lady was more than a monkey, she became a rafiki or friend (in Swahili, the language spoken in Zanzibar).

My little monkey friend, was a domesticated pet belonging to a friend of a friend, who owned an enormous house right on the beach where we were invited to stay.

It's easy to make a rafikis in Zanzibar! One is not limited to humans. The landscape, flora and fauna will welcome you with open arms.

Honolulu Is Where I Want To Be Today!


Honolulu is where I want to be today! I had grown smug.

75 degrees on Christmas ...

53 degrees on New Years Eve...

I had convinced myself that I lived in a warm climate. A tender, serene, forgiving place. Not the east coast.

Now that the snow has begun to fall and the temperature steadily plummets, I find myself slipping into a state of shock.

Is it too late to book a flight to Honolulu before the storm hits tomorrow?

Oh Hawaii.

Oh Honolulu.

By the ocean, palm trees swaying in the breeze, the mountains behind me...

Honolulu Is Where I Want To Be Today! As the most western and southernmost major American city, Honolulu, which translates into "calm port" (how lovely), is the largest city in and state capital of Hawaii.

With its stretches of warm aquamarine water and tropical volcanic mountains in the distance, Honolulu is an emerald paradise.

On a day like this, when I'm frozen and snowed in. I can hear Honolulu calling to me in the frozen breeze.

Long live wanderlust and long live wonder. Honolulu is where I'd like to be today!

Miami in November

South Beach Miami Despite being overcast, it was comfortably warm.

An hour after the rain, an hour before the next, the air was sweet with humidity.

Clouds drifted quickly overhead, revealing layers, shapes and shadows. It was a quiet afternoon.

The humming and spitting of the ocean, the granules of sand accumulating in your hair, in the distance a man seated in the sand plays the saxophone, the ease of your exhale.

Miami in November can be unpredictable, but it is a predictably wonderful break from late autumn in New York City.

The Meditative Beaches of Zanzibar

  The beaches of Zanzibar are so magical. I remember walking about twenty feet into the warm ocean on this beach. The water only rose to my chest and I could see straight down to the sand. It was so pristine and relaxing.

Morrungulo Beach Resort in Mozambique- I Must Return For My Honeymoon!

Morrungulo Beach Resort in Mozambique- I Must Return For My Honeymoon!

This country, this Mozambique, holds so many beautiful gifts. One of the most extraordinary is the Morrungulo Beach Resort.

It was Lynne's idea, the weekend away. It didn't take much convincing. We rounded up the crew from Inhambane and a few friends came up from Maputo. We rented cars and were off.

I wasn't prepared for what a found. Perfection!

The resort was completely ours, not a soul in sight.

The waves were mild, I fell into rhythm with the sea.

Everyday there was meditation, yoga and stillness.

I wrote in solitude.

We ate and laughed together.

The stars at night, a spectacle.

I left renewed.

I left inspired.

I left longing for more...