The Brooklyn Children's Museum Celebrates Caribbean Culture with a Festive Family Extravaganza!

The Brooklyn Children's Museum Celebrates Caribbean Culture with a Festive Family Extravaganza! IMG_4917.JPG

Disclaimer: I was given complementary passes to write this review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and are reflective of my honest impressions.

Warning: This post contains pictures and videos of the most adorable Brooklyn tots ever. Seriously, EVER! If after this post you decide to expand your family, please don't hold me accountable!

Last Saturday, my two little Wild Things and I were invited to the Brooklyn Children's Museum's- Celebrate the Caribbean Islands Day!


The Brooklyn Children's Museum regularly hosts events for children and families throughout the year and this was one of them in honor of Caribbean Heritage Month.

In past posts, I've raved about how fortunate I am to have this amazing resource within walking distance, but let me take a moment again to say that the Brooklyn Children's Museum makes me so happy. As a parent, being able to take my little ones to one place where I know they can run, interact, learn, explore and play is just magic. The Brooklyn Children's Museum inspires imaginative creative play which I love! Without video games and flashing lights, my children are fully engaged and learning for hours.

Okay, back to Celebrate the Caribbean Islands Day!

The day was so fun!

There were cultural performances and educational workshops such as:

Totally Tots Studio: Where children learned about wearable art made for Carnival season and were able to make their own masks.

Touch Tank: Caribbean Seas: In this interactive workshop, children learned about underwater animals in the Caribbean Sea.

Family Art Lab: Moko Jumbie: Here were learned the story of Moko Jumbie, a stilt walking tradition that traveled from Africa to the Caribbean. Children had the opportunity to dance on can-stilts to fun Caribbean beats.


Nature Explorers: Three Little Birds: In the greenhouse, we listened to Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds," and learned to identify three different local birds in Brooklyn.

Something Positive INC Performance: A multi-media performance that blended poetry, storytelling, theater, music and dance dedicated to the art and culture of the African Diaspora.

I looked away for a second and Ohm had rushed the stage. Luckily the drummer was very kind and allowed him to play.

Father Goose: King of the Dance Party: Jamaican born entertainer Rankin Don performed as "Father Goose" in the most exciting nursery sing-along I've ever participated in. Every tot was up and dancing!!!

Animal Adventure: Caribbean Critters: Children learned about the reptiles that live in Caribbean countries and had the opportunity to pet and interact with them.

And now for some video footage- I hope you're ready!







It was a long day in the hot sun, but we left energized and excited.

The Brooklyn Children's Museum hosted an incredible event that my three year old is still talking about!

If you have children, no trip to Brooklyn or New York City is complete without a visit to the Brooklyn Children's Museum! You will be so glad that you did.