Seattle's Original Pyramid Ale House- An Inside Look

Introducing my awesome cousin-in-law Master Chef Marcos Villagran!

Okay, maybe that's not a real title, the cousin-in-law part that is. Either way, Marcos is the brilliant head Chef at Seattle's original Pyramid Brewery.

Pyramid Breweries Seattle Alehouse is the original Pyramid Brewery site. Doubling as a brewery and restaurant/alehouse, the restaurant is popular amongst locals looking for a specialty brew, savory bar food and a place to watch the game.

There's also a beer garden.

This is where the magic happens. Pyramid produces award-winning beer. They've been winning awards consistently since 1985 for their quality brews. The Pacific Northwest has a distinct brew culture and at Pyramid, there is a lot of brewer's pride.  It was clear that Pyramid wasn't your standard chain sports bar establishment that shoveled forth mediocre burgers and Budweiser. Here you can find a complex bar menu, one that relies on their prized brew to enhance the flavor of the food. Pyramid is a place for the beer connoisseur, a place where food is expertly paired with complimentary beers.

Located directly across from Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, and just a block south of Qwest Field, Pyramid is the place to hang out for a pre or post game meal, or if you're not lucky enough to score tickets, serves as the perfect vantage point from which to join in the frenzied action at the bar.

Ohm wasn't very excited about the beer, he's more of a milk guy. Brielle, on the other hand, was thrilled.

After our tour, we got to sit down and have lunch with the chef! The food was awesome. My turkey burger was tender and the fries were really yummy. No complaints from this gal! As I'm not really a beer drinker, I didn't order one of my own, but Mark and Marcos were very happy with their selections. Back to the food, there are vegan and gluten-free options (love it! just saying).

After lunch, it was back to work for the chef!

Brielle, Mark, and I, waddled off our meal with some downtown Seattle sightseeing.

Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery & Restaurant 1201 First Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 682-3377

Explore Seattle's Funky Neighborhoods

No trip to the Seattle region is complete without exploring the beautiful neighborhoods surrounding the city.

Washington state is breathtaking.

Luckily my cousin Brielle and my friend Elisha were amazing tour guides who not only showed me the heart of Seattle, but the beauty of the surrounding areas as well.

Ohm and Brielle before our Vegan brunch

Loved these meditation cards. Each card had a quote about peace or inner-reflection. Excellent talking points. Sometimes it's the little things.

Silence-Heart-Nest, not only served up amazing Vegan and Vegetarian food, they were ready for my toddler. Not only did he get a high-chair and sippy cup, but they came out with toys for him to play with- right on! He was happy and I was able to chitty-chat with Brielle.

Catching up with Elisha in Ballard

The Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden - really beautiful

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard- Fish conservation project

The Troll under the bridge in Fremont

Neighborhoods Visited: Fremont (North of downtown)  and Ballard (North West of downtown) Washington

I loved Freemont's bohemian, quirky personality. Freemont is a wonderful place to go shopping. It's lined with boutiques that surprisingly (at least compared to NY) were not too expensive. Freemont is also a great place to grab Vegetarian food or to relax and people watch at a cafe.

Ballard was absolutely picturesque. Right on the water, the views, the sunset, were all truly astonishing. Ballard was super family friendly.

The Seattle, Washington region is lovely and worthy of exploring. This is a wonderful city for a family vacation.

What to see and do at Pike Place Market

I must have visited the Pike Place Market every day that I was in Seattle.

Besides being a lover of all things by the water, and all things locally owned and of farmer's markets and flea markets, I fell in love with Pike Place's quirky and eclectic finds.

Here's what my Pike Place adventures looked like.

The Pike Place Market is a great place to go to grab a good meal, do some window shopping, or simply hang out and gaze at the water. The Market is super kid friendly and is an inexpensive (contingent upon what you buy) way to spend a great afternoon in Seattle.

Have you been? What were your impressions?




Impromptu Wine Tasting in Seattle

I really don't do a whole lot of planning when I take a trip. Barring securing a hotel, I did no planning whatsoever for Seattle.

How did I set out to see the city?

Well, I grabbed all of the brochures in the hotel lobby, I questioned the hotel front desk workers with the intensity of a defense attorney, and I allowed my cousin Brielle and my friend Elisha (both enthusiastic residents) to show me their beloved city.

Usually the best things are not planned. Such was the case when Brielle, Mark, Ohm and I found ourselves engaging in an exquisite and intimate impromptu wine, cheese, and fruit tasting.

The Scene:

Down the street from the Seattle Space Needle

If you look really closely, you'll spot Brielle, Ohm and I posing in a random parking lot.

The Place:


100 4th Avenue North, Suite 150 Seattle, WA 98109 Phone (206) 404 2743

Unobtrusively tucked inside a small plaza, we just happened to glance at the window and like children in a candy store spotted floor to ceiling walls of wine.

The Cheese Cellar was calling our name. The staff was super friendly. We got a quick briefing on the local wines. We were educated about the merits of sheep's milk and cheeses.

The shop was empty and very baby friendly. Brielle entertained Ohm, as Mark and I drooled over the wine.

Intending to only get a glass each, we found ourselves seated at the large communal table in the center of the shop, a platter of locally crafted goodies before us.

What was on our plate?

Pure goodness!

We were given a selection of artisanal cheeses, local cured meats, and savory olives.

Brielle drank a Chardonnay,  Mark drank a Cabernet, Ohm had almond milk and I had Merlot. Wine in hand, we slurped, cackled and laughed while delighting in the gifts on our platter. There was plenty to go around.

To my surprise, I learned my one year old is a fan of olives and goat cheese.

It was all so very good.

The Cheese Cellar was a wonderful find.

Walking Seattle


Seattle, it turns out, is a very pedestrian friendly city. Seattle, it also turns out, with its many hills and steep inclines, is a city that resembles a level ten treadmill course. With Ohm, strapped to me in his Ergo carrier like a twenty pound weight, my time walking the streets of Seattle felt a lot like boot camp.

Unlike boot camp, I had the pleasure of sipping lattes and taking my time as I strolled the piers, jaunted up and down the fancy downtown, and rambled around the outer districts.

Seattle is a cool city. Holding the best of both worlds, it is distinctly gritty and urban, and stunningly beautiful. A place for hip singles and young families, Seattle has a culture of its own, and despite being super friendly, it possesses a definite edge.

Seattle I've decided is a lot like a cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee, deeply satisfying, ultra stimulating, with surprising notes of bitterness undercut by aromatic tones.