Gentle Moisturizing Body Wash You Can Make Yourself!

I love making body care products by hand. This is no secret. But my drive to make my own products was born out of necessity. 

My sons both have severe eczema. Their conditions have been kept under control through diet and my handmade skin care products. 


Today, I'm going to share what I use on their skin in the bath with this gentle moisturizing body wash you can make yourself!

This body wash is not exclusive to eczema relief, but it helps to soothe eczema skin with it's calming and moisturizing properties. This gentle moisturizing body wash is all natural, you can use 100% organic ingredients if you choose and a little bit goes a long way.

I like to think of this body wash as a skin softener. It leaves your skin so dewey and refreshed. 


Here's what you need:

½ cup castile soap

4 tablespoons vegetable glycerin

½ teaspoon vitamin E oil

4 tablespoons olive oil 

*essential oil is optional (I don't use any essential oils for eczema skin, but for my blend, I add 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of peppermint) 


Here's what to do:

In a measuring cup, measure out your castile soap. Add your vegetable glycerin and whisk or stir. Then add your oils (vitamin E and olive) and whisk or stir once again. Finally, add any essential oils. 


Give your mixture a final stir and now you're ready to transfer your body wash into a container of your choice (I'm the queen of recycled glass bottles). 


Remember a little bit goes a long way! Which is great news, because this gentle moisturizing body wash is extremely cost effective, not to mention easy to prepare. 

I hope you enjoy this simple blend. Reach out to me in the comments below with questions :)

And there we have it, a gentle moisturizing body wash you can make yourself!