Chesapeake Bay Beach: A Day Well Spent!


The water was conspicuously brown truth be told. A little murky for my liking, but it was warm and gentle so I allowed myself to overlook the fact I couldn't see where I was wading.

After all the Chesapeake is bound to be a bit muddy, it's a bay after all. Right?

The air was blithe and breezy. Thin and cool despite patches of humidity.

It was seaside air. The air of ease and hope. The air of tranquility.

In the distance kayaks dotted the water, drifting towards the rainbow brushed horizon. Children played and splashed in the shallow water as couples lounged on towels, or walked the seashell studded beach holding hands.


Wearing a dress and sandals, having stumbled upon the beach completely by accident, I found a seat on an overturned tree trunk as my boys splashed in the water and ran through the sea grass.


It's been about a year since we moved to Maryland.

I'm still exploring, but I wasn't ready for this particular find.

I had been so busy getting to know the neighborhoods in Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia, the Baltimore Harbor, and the gorgeous seaside stretches of quaint cobblestone studded Annapolis that I failed to realize I lived a mere twenty minutes from the Chesapeake Bay.

Literally, door to sand, twenty minutes!

I hadn't thought much about the Chesapeake.

I knew it was around here somewhere, but where exactly I wasn't sure. As far as beaches were concerned, I had my sights set on Ocean City and Virginia Beach. I looked forward to Chincoteague and Rehoboth, but the Chesapeake?

I had honestly written it off as a polluted has been.

I had no idea!


Dotted with public and private beaches, the Chesapeake, despite having its very real and unfortunate issues with pollution is truly stunning.

Chesapeake Bay Beach was no exception.

Free and open to the public, the beach is almost hidden. Slightly forested until a small pine needle studded sandy trail opens up revealing an expanse of sea and sand, Chesapeake Bay Beach is the perfect way to spend a summer day.

Steps from the historic boardwalk, you can stroll the wooden planks in the direction of the many restaurants boasting the best crab along the east coast or you can simply retreat to the sand or water.

Relatively shallow, surprisingly warm and calm, the water is easy to swim and wade.


And bonus, you don't have to worry about jelly fish or....sharks (gasp!)

There are fish though, tiny little things that weave this way and that in small schools.

And there are crabs. Lots of crabs.

So, perhaps maybe, you should watch your toes.

I know I will. You can't see where you're stepping after all.

When I go back, I'm going prepared and will make a full day of it. Beach bucket, Haviannas, swimming suit, fishing rod and an appetite for crab cakes.

Have you ever been to the Chesapeake?