Tracy and Sojo, meet Nutella

Things happen quickly sometimes and with little warning. Yesterday, Tracy and I got a dog, or rather it happened upon us, or maybe it was fate? We were preparing to go out. I opened the door to go to the well to fetch a bucket of water to wash up with. I came back into our house and there was a large pit mix staring at me with the cutest little expression on her sandy brown face. She walked up to me as if we were old buddies. I pet her big head, called Tracy and we began to fall in love. Her fur was so velvety and she had a pink and black speckled nose. Who doesn't love a pink and black speckled nose? I'm such a sucker all it took was twenty seconds. She was well taken care of and had an owner somewhere because she was wearing a collar but had no tags. Clearly she didn't belong in the brush. We have our share of stray muts, but they are all mournful looking skinny little things. Most of our rural neighbors are terrified of dogs because the Portuguese used to sick their dogs on the Mozambicans to intimidate them. Long story short, we let her stay in our kitchen while we put on our make up and prepared to go out.

We left our house dog in tow figuring that she'd find her way back to wherever she came from. We walked the main road holding our thumbs up trying to get a lift into the city and the dog followed. We finally get a lift and before we can get into the truck, she jumps in ahead of us. The guys driving the truck were like, okay, no problem, and so began the story of Sojourner, Tracy and Nutella. Yes, Nutella. We named her Nutella because she's brown and white and she sort of if you squint looks like nutella and we really miss chocolate so it just worked for us. We get off in the city and head toward our friend Lynne's house and she follows. We get to Lynne's house and she hangs out there with our group. Everyone took to her because she's so darn cute.

A few hours later we headed to a BBQ and she of course followed and was very popular. I'm a veggie, so it worked out that I could pile my plate with sausages and give them to her without taking food from the other guests. Then she followed us to the after party at the Baraka next to Lynne's. It was only natural at that point that she hop into the car with us as our friends gave us a lift back to our place.

Today after work Tracy and I are going to put up flyers in town announcing that there is a missing dog. But she's soooooo cuuuutttteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is here at work with us as I write, curled into a ball under Tracy's desk sleeping. She's the best dog! If I can't find a home for her, I'm going to bring her back to the states with me which might mean that I will soon be homeless, but she's sooooo cuuuuteeeee!.

All in all things have been going really really well here. Socially and aesthetically I love Inhambane. There is a beautiful energy here. We've got a new D.I. coming tomorrow so there will be three in the house, four with Nutella, so we've got a lot of adventures and fun times to look forward to.