Manhattan Detox


                        If you look carefully, you can see where I accidentally painted the snake's head- oops! For the last two days (9am -7pm) I have been outside in the heat painting the Lodge (where I live and where many offices are housed). It is such hard work. There are hornet nests everywhere, there are wasps, deer flies and snakes (the least of my worries). I have paint permanently embedded in my nails, hair and skin. I am a mess! (This Manhattan girl is missing padding around the village, lazy afternoon brunches, sipping wine with nothing in particular to do, movies at the Angelica and Sunshine, I think I even miss the sound of honking horns and the smell of bus fumes. Manhattan detox 101!) Did I mention that I am exhausted and that my muscles ache severely. I can't wait until my team starts so that I can go to classes and prepare for my work experience in Angola. Manual labor is NOT my forte!

I mean, I get why we're doing this, we have to be completely self sufficient in Southern Africa. There will be bugs and snakes and no repairmen to call. This is just a lot harder than I planned for. I guess that's life-right?