Lion Hunt at the Bronx Zoo!

"No. That way!" My two and a half year old, perched in his enormous stroller, finger pointed to the left, went into full mini-dictator mode. "Push mama, push!"

Up a steep hill, panting, six months pregnant, I forged forth. What could I do? We were on a lion hunt at the Bronx Zoo.

In part three of my Bronx exploration, I hopped in my car and headed north, to the largest urban zoo in America.

The Bronx Zoo is massive. It is massive and it is hilly. Map in hand, I wound my way towards the African Mammal exhibit- home of the lions.

For weeks Ohm had been practicing his roar. He was ready to see some lions and I was ready to deliver. We entered through the African Wild Dog section, a blustery fifty degree day, the dogs were not out.



Not to worry I told myself, surely there will be lions. Who has ever heard of a zoo without lions? We took our hunt onwards. Still as statues, the giraffes called out to each other with their bizarre voices- somewhat of a cross between a scream, a moan and a honk.


"Where did the lions go mama?" Despite the great distractions, panic was in the air- I couldn't find the lions. The lion exhibit was empty. Surely they had to be in an indoor exhibit I told myself. If I were a lion, where would I be?

We took our hunt in the direction of the gorilla exhibit. On our way, we saw...

brown bear


Pink Flamingos Bronx Zoo















































After two and a half hours of searching and coming up empty, our lion hunt had come to an end.

I have to admit, it was a bit disappointing. The Bronx Zoo, claims the title of being the largest urban zoo in America and at $25.00 for an adult ticket (3 and under are free), it would have been nice to see some more animals. Most of the exhibits were empty. Wednesdays I am told are free days, I think I will have to resume the lion hunt during the summer on a Wednesday.

In the meantime Ohm is practicing his roar.