Ice Storm

My fingers are stiff purple sticks as I type this. It’s FREEZING! Really. I just finished my six hour shift standing in the freezing cold on North street in Pittsfeild Mass. Nope, I didn’t make goal today. None of us did or even came close for that matter. We are in the middle of an ice storm. I opened my front door today, took a step and slid right off of my porch about three feet and came to a natural slow halt. It then took me 15 minutes to make it about twenty feet to the dining hall.

Where I could, I walked over icy snow that cracked beneath my steps. The dogs were sliding all over the place. Everything was frozen. I literally had to crawl on my hands and knees over one particularly icy patch. All this just to get breakfast. After breakfast we slid down our half mile long driveway, narrowly missing trees, and headed into Pittsfeild to have a questionable day of street fundraising. There were like five people out and about today and there were four of us standing on the street trying to collect money. You can do the math. Once again, I had encounters with outpatients from the mental health clinic across the street from where I was attempting to fundraise. We were all just standing out there chatting it up. Me because, well, I had no other place to go and couldn’t get away, and they, well, who knows why the chose to yammer on and on at me? I am so sick of fundraising. Five days left to go until this is all over (theoretically), I hope we make it!