Eight legs and eight eyes, just a bit off-putting!

I am not a chemical spray kind of a person. I feel they are dangerous and unnecessarily toxic. I do not use Raid or Aerosol or even hairspray for that matter. Today after work I am going to buy Baygonne (or however it is spelled). It is basically Raid, a very powerful raid. The reason for this uncharacteristic purchase is that this afternoon while I was eating my lunch and sprucing up my resume, an enormous spider the size of my hand sped into my living room. Immediately I jumped up and ran next door to get someone to kill it. One of my neighbors was outside sweeping the sand (I'll never understand why this happens) and she came to my rescue, only by the time we got back into the house it was gone. It wasn't gone in my mind however. I could feel that the spider sensed that I was trying to kill it. I could feel it, conveniently tucked into the shadows, waiting for the moment when I will be alone to strike.


I'm arming myself and it's warfare. I've got to survive three more days before Tracy returns and I finally have some back-up.