DIY Antiseptic for Minor Cuts and Abrasions

IMG_0283.JPG My almost three year old is becoming very adventurous but his sense of danger and coordination have not quite caught up with his sense of independence, the result- endless scrapes and "boo-boos."

For his minor scrapes and cuts, I make my own antiseptic. Antiseptic is extremely easy and inexpensive to make and you don't have to worry about errant chemicals and additives.

To make your own antiseptic, you'll need: a one ounce glass jar, witch hazel and tea tree essential oil.

I like to use this rose and aloe infused witch hazel, but the regular one will work just fine too. If you like infused witch hazel, the lavender witch hazel is fabulous as well.

I start by placing twenty five drops of tea tree essential oil in my one ounce jar.

I am now ready to add my witch hazel, which I pour up to the top.

I cap the jar and shake vigorously until all contents are blended and my mixture is a bit whitish.

I like to use a jar with a dropper because it is easiest for me to drop the antiseptic directly on the cut or onto a cotton ball.

A note about the ingredients- both tea tree essential oil and witch hazel are natural cleansing agents being by nature antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Your cuts and abrasions with this duo are in very good hands.

As with most antiseptics, there is a slight sting upon contact. My little guy remains impervious to this, so it's not too bad.

Oh, and the smell (the rose blended with the tea tree) is quite lovely.

Now that you have this recipe, don't hold back. Teach yourself to roller blade, take on that home improvement project, take up woodworking, because you now have a simple and natural way to clean minor wounds and scrapes, just in case.