A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit D.C. Too! Setting Up Shop In A New City

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit D.C. Too! Setting Up Shop In A New City One of my favorite things about being in a new space is the fact that everything, at least, for a little while is brand new- exciting!

A month ago, we left Brooklyn to live in a rural, forested section of Maryland.

I love it! The rustle of leaves in the wind, the way sunlight cascades over the hill out back, the deer that greet us on our front lawn every morning, the poetry of crickets at night, being connected at all times to nature!

Acres for the boys to run around on and explore.

I do miss some things about being a city person though- the neighbors, sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, wine bars, brunch, strolling by rows of historic brownstones, the culture!

Luckily, though we are far out, we're not too far.

Washington D.C., my new adopted city is a quick 30 minute drive or metro ride.

Smaller, cleaner, quieter, friendlier than my former love New York, D.C. provides us with just the right balance of community, culture, and culinary delights.

This weekend, we poked around. We had brunch, attended an event, got lost and ate a lot!

It was lovely!

As I explore, I will photograph my neighborhood walks in a series of upcoming posts.

As for now, I'll continue to design my chicken coop and rabbit cages and set up my raised beds.

Country life is definitely the life for me, but a city break every now and then is also what I need.

Are you a city mouse or a country mouse?