DIY Lavender Talc-Free Powder

DIY Lavender Scented Talc-Free Powder So, I was sitting around the apartment on partial bed rest, wondering what to do with myself when it hit me- BABY POWDER!

I'd been researching various talc-free brands to buy for the little guy, when I was like, wait! What am I doing? I can make my own!

Out came my Ayurveda binder and this absolutely fabulous recipe was born!

Here's how to make a gentle talc-free lavender scented ultra silky baby powder-

You'll need: a jar (I used a 6 oz. mason jar but any size between 4-8 oz. will do well) corn starch french green clay lavender essential oil

Here's what to do (so easy!): In your jar combine 3/4 parts corn starch to 1/4 part french green clay.

Combine until uniformly blended (I screwed on the cap and gave the jar a good shake). Tap the lid to make sure that the powder has fallen into the jar, then unscrew and add ten drops of lavender essential oil.

Screw the top on again and give your powder a good shake. Tap the lid again to encourage your powder to fall into the jar, then open the lid.

Leave the lid off for an hour so that the powder can dry. Make sure the room is dry and not humid or you won't have great results.

While your top is off the jar. Take a hammer and nail and punch holes (a small circle in the center of the lid with holes close together is best) so your powder can flow freely when needed.

20140625-130304.jpg Ta da!

Note, this is not just for babies. In fact, I may need to make another batch for my little-one because I'm having so much fun using this silky lavender scented powder. This is perfect if you need to go outside on a humid sticky day.

Another note, never shake powder directly onto your baby. Yes, this powder is talc-free so you don't have to worry about your little one ingesting talc, but it is always best to sprinkle the powder on the diaper or onto your hand so that you can pat it onto your little person's parts as opposed to shaking the powder directly onto them where it will most certainly billow about and form a cloud for them to breathe in.

Enjoy :)