Frownies Immune Perfect Facial Cream Review

*This is a review post. All opinions are my own. Recently, I received a review sample of Frownies Immune Perfect Continuous Active Hydration Cream.

As a person who prefers to use all-natural, organic products on my skin, I was really excited as the product is marketed as all-natural. After spotting ingredients such as cyclomethicone, phenyl trimethicone and phenoxyethanol, I decided to do some research to see what these ingredients were.  They were definitely not all-natural, however the chemical complexes used in Frownies tend to be a lot less irritating and milder than oh, say, parabens and other chemical compounds that could potentially be used.

I gave Frownies a try.

Here's what I liked: Frownies is a light weight and silky cream. My face and decollette felt hydrated and light. Frownies had a natural aesthetic. The cream is brown and is fragrance free with a slight hint of earthy/chocolaty notes. Overall, my face felt great. The cream was definitely intensly moisturizing in a non-irritating way.

Here's what I didn't like as much: Frownies left my skin feeling slightly sticky. The cream was very moisturizing, but had a sticky residue that I noticed whenever I touched my face.

Overall, Frownies is a great product if you're looking for continuous active hydration. My face was wonderfully hydrated. The slightly sticky feel of my skin was something I could easily overlook. What I personally couldn't overlook was the presence of the chemical compounds cyclomethicone, phenyl trimethicone and phenoxyethanol. If you are not a person who requires organic skin care however, Frownies presents a wonderful solution to dry aging skin.