Coney Island is a Great Place for Family Fun!

Coney Island is a Great Place for Family Fun! IMG_5032.JPG

Enter, the infamous Cony Island-

It's overstimulating, yet surprisingly compact.

It has cleaned up its act, yet it's still a bit gritty.

Coney Island is many things- it's loud, it's fun, it's classic, it's busy and it's a great place for a good old fashioned family outing.

Honest Note: I don't suggest swimming in the water. I mean, people do (and I guess some of those people are still around to talk about it ?!?),'s kind of gross.

But Coney Island has her virtues. If you've got children, the fun park is small, the lines are short, the rides are charming and a good time will be had.

The short boardwalk offers the best of quick carnival fun, from funnel cakes, to the famed Nathan's to performers wearing snakes or dancing on stilts.

The beach (again, reference the above note)...well, it's lovely to look at from the boardwalk and it's fantastic for toe dipping. Swim at your own discretion, but either way, the sea breeze from the ocean is blissfully cooling especially in the midst of the notoriously humid New York summer.

Coney Island is not that tranquil beach escape you've been waiting all year to take, it is however, a well spent, two or three hours of bustling seaside fun.

It's definitely an ideal destination for families and multi-generational travelers.

And if you're lucky, if you stay long enough, you may get the pleasure of catching a display like this!