Machamba means garden

I am very frustrated because I haven't taught any classes yet. I was supposed to begin teaching on Thursday but it didn't work out. There was some sort of a schedule mix-up? Thank goodness I have the garden project to keep me busy and focused. Yesterday we were up at five. It had rained during the night so the earth was so cool, moist and fragrant. There's something infinitely relaxing about getting down on your hands and knees to work with the earth as the sun rises. It's like an active meditation. I truly appreciate the instant gratification that goes along with manual labor.

Other than than working on the machamba (garden), I've been doing the usual (sitting in the office and practicing my Portuguese while writing these posts).

I have mastered the art of hacking into a coconut with a machete. I'm now addicted to coconuts. They are my new favorite. I still can't fetch water at the well very effectively. My bucket is always an eighth full. I'm not catching on to this art form at all, but I'm hopeful that soon I will be able to fetch water like an old pro.