A Few Thoughts

Today, I am a painter. Once again, I have the task of painting. I feel like painting is somehow in my destiny. I’m always painting here. This time I painted a bathroom and I actually did a great job. Maybe I secretly like painting when I’m not standing outside in the burning hot sun. Today marked the beginning of building week. This happens once a month when all of the staff and Development Instructors here at IICD drop what we are doing and help to update and tweak our lovely mountain facility. It lasts the whole weekend and you learn lots. As I write, trees are being cut down, leaves are being raked, grass is being cut, carpets are being installed, the pool is being covered up and a well is being insulated??? Whatever that’s about?

I finished early and am hiding out in my room, trying not to be discovered because I don’t want another task. Our next fundraising trip is being planned and for some crazy reason, me and four other people will be fundraising in my hometown of Rochester, New York. Hmmmmm…. It was one thing to fundraise in D.C. where the likely hood of me running into people that I know was pretty low (give or take a relative here or there) but Rochester, where I know too many people yikes! At least I can go home to free food and laundry ;-)

Yesterday we had an amazing lecture on child soldiers. It was disturbing in an action rousing way. We focused on child soldiers in Mozambique, Angola and Uganda. It’s such a horrifying reality. If anyone is interested in the subject, I have a book recommendation “A Long Way Gone” by: Ishmael Bea (not sure if this is spelled correctly). It’s a memoir about his experiences as a boy soldier in Sierra Leone and it’s beautifully written.

Second recommendation, the film “Guns, Germs and Steel” we watched it yesterday as well and had a discussion and it really gives you something to think about. The film explores how guns, germs and steel along with environmental location led to Europe’s world conquer and then discusses the implications of that and the historical effects. It’s really interesting because most people don’t learn about this in school. Most people don’t take the opportunity to consider why certain people/groups have the majority of the power in the world, but it’s important to understand because it also explains why certain people have so little and in this understanding we can create solutions. Ignoring problems and accepting certain advantages without taking the personal responsibility to be informed and act in accordance may be one of the most damaging maladies of Western society today.

My favorite kitten Greylock has fleas ;-( Let’s hope for a speedy recovery

Alright, it’s lunch time. Time to creep back towards the cafeteria. Must look busy, must look busy, must look busy…