Long and Winding Road...

We got in this morning around 5:30amWe left yesterday morning around 10am You can do the math! I think i've slept for three solid hours (maybe?)

All was fine with our caravan of five cars until our rickety white jeep broke down on the side of the road in nowhere Ohio. We literally waited for about six hours for triple A to arrive, tow the car to a shop just to hear that we couldn't afford the part that was needed...then we needed to find a cheap part, searched everywhere, found one that couldn't be shipped until Monday, and ended up renting a car do drive four out of the five people back home to the mountain. Poor J.T. has to spend the week-end in a motel in the middle of nowhere Ohio because the car can't be fixed until Monday morning. Then he will drive 12 hours on his own. I don't envy him at all.

It is so nice to be home! The mountain is empty. Most people are away fundraising. A few of us will stay behind and fundraise in Boston, Massachusetts College Towns, Bennington Vermont and Albany. It will be so nice to be on the mountain in one place for the three weeks before I go to Maryland for Christmas. Hopefully we'll make goal and this will be our final trip. Two of our team members dropped out of the program, so our fundraising goal is now $12,000.00 lower. I really don't want to fundraise in January and freeze to death. We will kick off our fundraising efforts tomorrow in North Hampton, Massachusetts, selling red ribbons to commemorate World Aids Day.

Am in town on the Internet because as usual, it doesn't work on the mountain. And i've got to get to work now!