I've Been Spooked!

I am delirious right now. Want to know why? I’ve been haunted. Day three of sleeping alone in my haunted room and I had a supernatural experience. I am completely serious. Here are the hard facts:

Last night around 12:30 am I went to bed. I sleep on top of my bed in a sleeping bag now that I am alone because I get maximum coverage and it's easy for me to burrow and hide in the event of an occurrence...

So, I'm in bed, lights are off, I'm holding my flashlight and I'm trying to go to sleep, all of a sudden, my fan on the nightstand next to my head turns on. I didn't do it. My heart is pounding in my chest and I'm panicking under my sleeping bag and I'm afraid to look because I don't want to see what might be there. Then the fan goes off. Then it comes back on again. Then my bed begins to shake. It's like a slow rumbling quake. I'm freaking out. I'm still burrowed in my sleeping bag. Then it stops. I wait. All I can hear and feel is my heart beat.

Quickly, I jump out of bed, run to the light-switch across the room and turn on every light in my room. My bed is slanted on an angle, but I see nothing else unusual. I spend the rest of the night (literally) awake in bed, with the lights on, the ladybugs buzzing, listening to my i-pod writing. I didn't sleep at all. It sucked!

And now to change the subject, I will be published in "About Time" magazine this November. I wrote a travel narrative about my experiences volunteering in Ghana and my upcoming project and it will be published. You can pick up a copy at your local news stand or online.

And now it's time for me to do my malaria research...