Champagne With A View At the Plaza Hotel


We clicked our delicate flute glasses together with a 'ting'.

Veuve Clicquot tickled my tongue before sliding smoothly down my throat.

Krista and I had found the perfect remedy to enliven a frigid, slate, windy, and otherwise inhospitable Manhattan afternoon

Outside, wispy snow flakes tumbled from the sky, framing the base of Central Park with a soft haze.


Krista's clutch, black velvet and petite, glistened on the arm of her chair.

Our waiters shoes, shined to perfection, slid gracefully over the carpeted floor.

In the distance music played softly.

In the window, I smiled at our reflection. It was the perfect day to dust off my pearls.

It was a lovely afternoon.










New York had been a bully lately. Within the span of a week, the temperature dropped 40 degrees. Chilly blue skies were replaced by gray clouds and biting cold. Howling winds, slippery streets and a massive flu outbreak have made hibernating in my apartment, having food and wine delivered, and streaming Netflix a very attractive option. After a week of being a relative hermit however, cabin fever set in. I was itching for something fun to do.

Not enough snow to play in, too cold and wet to enjoy the outdoors, things looked bleak.

My friend Krista shared my weary winter blues and it was decided that instead of spending Saturday at home in our sweatpants with Netflix, we would go all out, get dressed up and enjoy a lovely (albeit cold) afternoon sipping champagne at the Plaza. It was the adult equivalent of a little girls tea party.

The Champagne Bar at the Plaza Hotel is a wonderful place to retreat to for a quick escape. Through the lobby and to the left, the champagne bar in all of its splendor, awaits you.

The ambiance is everything you would expect from the Plaza hotel. Elaborate crystal chandeliers hang gracefully above the immaculate marble floor. We lounged the afternoon away in plush velvet chairs, clinking glasses as we enjoyed our unobstructed view of Central Park and the line of Clydesdale carriage horses ready to chauffeur tourists to and from.I was the perfect escape!

The next time you're in Manhattan and find yourself on fifth avenue, why not treat yourself to a well deserved mini break from the hustle and bustle of the city.



The Plaza Hotel (768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019)





(Yes. We pulled out a pair of pink feathered boas.)