IICD August Team

Time is flying. I guess that's just what happens when you spend months in relative seclusion from the outside world on an international commune in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts.

Six months. It takes six months of course work, fundraising and study to become a Development Instructor. Six months, until we get our tickets to our various countries in Africa in our eager little hands. Now we, the August team are next...


We just said goodbye to the May Team. They are off to Mozambique, Malawi or South Africa (depending on their assignments). It's so weird because they were just starting when I arrived in July. Now we have a new team coming, the November Team and my team has approximately three months left. Time goes by so quickly.

This week-end was another building week-end and we winterized our facility. Plastic is covering the windows and the bases of the buildings have been wrapped in insulation. This is just in time because today has been COLD! Definitely around forty degrees.

This week I'll be preparing for fundraising trip number three to New York City. Yay, I get to go back home to New York. Hopefully it will be a money maker! I've been so lucky about my fund-raising cities. D.C./Maryland where my grandfather, mother and extended family are, Rochester where my father and childhood friends are, now New York, my home for the last eight years, home to my friends, and favorite places.