Bear Encounter in Western Mass!


Yesterday morning I went for a nice hour long walk in the woods. The leaves were beautiful, the air was warm, the birds were singing. I trot deeper and deeper into the woods and suddenly I see this black thing the size of a four door sedan near a stream. Hmmm.. I think to myself, what could that be??? Then as if it heard my thoughts, a bear lifts it's head and stares directly at me. I'm looking at it, and it's looking at me. Slowly I began to take steps backwards. It's still looking at me, I'm still stepping backwards. Then as if I didn't even exist, it goes back to drinking the water and I turn around and RUN!!!!!!!!! IMG_0731

Day two of building week was yesterday as well. I painted some more ceilings. Picked some flowers and basically that was that. No injuries, no worries.