Smorgasburg: A Brooklyn Flea Food Market

On Sunday, I had a truly transcendent experience. I arrived at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a waddling, hot, 42 weeks pregnant, disgruntled woman, but left, strolling gracefully, sated, cool, and in excellent spirits.

What happened during that hour and a half on the water beneath the intense sun?


The Brooklyn Smorgasburg happened- a pleasure filled gastronomical wonderland!



I love to eat. I adore teasing my taste buds with new flavors and combinations. I get a kick out of sampling innovative concoctions and textures. Brooklyn Smorgasburg was the answer to everything I always knew I wanted but didn't know to ask for.


20140708-131005.jpg20140708-130952.jpgImagine an expansive outdoor market, on a beautifully renovated turquoise boardwalk with open views of the gorgeous Manhattan skyline, featuring purely delectable food and beverage.  I'm not talking your typical street food fair (hot dogs, pretzels and funnel cakes), oh no. I'm talking about the succulent intersection of the finest artisanal breads, cheeses and baked goods with the latest and most innovative preparations from gourmet restaurants and food trucks, mixed with a variety of exotic ethnic cuisines. A place where you can sample 15 different types of horseradish sauce, snag a taste of the cuisine from Togo, discover a host of vegan, gluten-free and raw options, drink from the cool water of a whole coconut, and sample soul food/Korean BBQ fusion- this is Smorgasburg!

A huge fan of the Brooklyn Flea, because of the delicious food vendors, Smorgasburg, dedicated solely to food is a dream come true. I found all of my Brooklyn Flea favorites and discovered many, many, more.

Smorgasburg truly has something for everyone.

It's a great place to simply relax and slow down. It's a place to  meet and greet your Brooklyn neighbors. Smorgasburg is kid friendly, first date friendly, date afternoon friendly, and let's just go and amble friendly. If you're from out of town, and visiting New York for the first or fiftieth time and have always wanted a tantalizing reason to cross over the Brooklyn Bridge, look no farther!

Bring your appetite, enjoy the boardwalk, do a little people watching, gaze at the sailboats, take in the views of the Manhattan skyline, and eat, eat, eat!

Smorgasburg is FREE, every Sunday 11am-6pm at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5