When Traveler's Hair Happens to Good People, Fekkai's Essential Shea comes to the Rescue!

Forget about hat hair, I would like to talk about a much greater menace, I want to talk for a moment about traveler's hair. Traveler's hair is the term I've assigned that mysterious condition which occurs after you've been in the air for hours, find yourself in a new city with a new and unpredictable climate and your hair decides to rebel becoming a twisted, dry, static-filled, unrecognizable mess.

It starts slowly. It may begin with an itchy scalp but before you know it, your hair feels like a bird's nest and looks like a family of sewer rats have been feasting at the ends.

Now here you are, in your new city, perhaps hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away from home. You want to explore, mingle with and blend in with the locals, you want to make a great impression, be a positive ambassador for your state or your country. Instead you look ragged, you feel travel weary and run-down. You wrestle your defiant hair into a ponytail, or bun, perhaps you even sport a baseball cap or a bandanna, hope that nobody notices your hair misfortune and attempt to forge forth.

There are several factors that can lead to traveler's hair

  • Dehydration and drying due to long stretches on an airplane
  • The introduction of a new dry climate, either cold or hot
  • Changing altitude

Frederic Fekkai to the rescue!

One great product line that tames, even the worst cases of travel hair is Frederic Fekkai's Essential Shea Collection.

First, it contains shea butter and shea butter is pure magic. I've developed a whole new respect for shea since my travels to Ghana. It is hands down, the most nutritive and effective moisturizer out there. I use it in my handmade lotions and I look for it as a main ingredient in other products, which is one of the reasons this line is so great.

The Essential Shea Collection works because it restores balance and moisture to dry travel weary and stressed out tresses. The Shea butter penetrates your hair from root to tip, sealing moisture within your hair shaft. Ta da! Revitalized thirst quenched locks that are ready to explore the world.

I have naturally thick curly kinky hair which is super sensitive to dry arid climates, long plane rides and high altitude. Essential Shea is my secret weapon.

The Essential Shea collection features a shampoo, a conditioner, a hair mask and a pot de creme styling product. If I'm short on luggage space, I stick to the conditioner and the pot de creme which allows me to condition and style.

Did I mention they smell great too?

Put your best foot forward when you travel, squeeze in a tube of lipstick, a memorable piece of jewelry, always bring a signature outfit, a cute pair of shoes, and don't forget the Essential Shea!

If you're interested in giving Essential Shea a try, you're one lucky traveler, because it's on sale!

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Yes, this was a review post, but all opinions stated are my honest to goodness true thoughts.