Cedarville State Forest: Breathe Deeply, You've Arrived!

The smell of cedar is instantly recognizable. Earthy, grounding and pacifying, it is an aroma that reminds me of autumn. What is a visit to Cedarville State Park like? Well, imagine an entire forest dense with cedar trees. The fragrant evergreens stand shoulder to shoulder- welcoming, the crisp air heavy with cedar. Your feet are carpeted by needles and soft earth with each step.

The rich green hues of the cedar evergreens- defiantly beautiful in the midst of the colorful autumn leaf spectacular.

We spent Columbus Day exploring one of the state parks in our area- Cedarville State Forest.

Southern Maryland is full of cedar trees. We have them all over our property, but I've never seen or smelled them like this.

A cedar forest, is an armomatic heaven!

Quiet, tucked away, with hiking trails, bike trails, riding trails, and fishing, Cedarville State Forest is a great city or suburban escape for visitors and residents of the Maryland, Virginia, DC area.

Walk, sit, meditate, have a picnic. Let the serenity work it's magic.

Home to six varieties of Hawks. Stomping ground of wild turkeys. Roving ground of copperhead snakes, opossum, fox, raccoon, deer, skunks, rabbits, and many more woodland friends, a hike through Cedarville's 35,000  acres is an adventure. If you're traveling with kids, the forest offers abundant learning activities for kids who can try to identify animal tracks and nests. Bring a basket, collect sticks, colorful leaves and beautiful stones and feathers.

Or, you can simply sit and take it all in.

For a historical, spiritual and or slightly spooky twist (depending upon your take), legend has it that an Indian burial ground exists on the property.


Cedarville State Forest: breathe deeply, you've arrived!