Final Day in Rhode Island


Today was an extremely successful day. We are advertising geniuses. Okay, maybe not geniuses, but considering what we had to work with, we did a great job. We hit Brown University again, historic Provincetown and what a treat Trinity Repertory Theatre.

We were able to fund raise lunch at Teabucks, a mango lassie at an Indian restaurant and dinner at a gourmet Pizza shop, yum! Good eats, fresh air, good times.

Friday the 13th hmmmmmmmmmm...

TOP 10 REASONS I LIKE RI: 1) Foresty and green 2) Rocky coast surrounded by beaches and boardwalks 3) Fresh air 4) Friendly folks 5) Historic mansions 6) Beautiful cottages 7) Provincetown is the perfect chill city 8) Lighthouses 9) Coffee shops on every corner 10) Brown University college town

TOP 10 REASONS I HATE BUGS: 1) Beady little eyes 2) Come on...why so many legs? 3) What is a thorax anyway? 4) I don't know what they are thinking/plotting 5) One bit me on Tuesday and caused my phone to break 6) One flew into my mouth on Thursday and tried to kill me 7) A tick decided to make itself home on my left cheek...gross! 8) Why are you crawling so fast? 9) Where are you flying to ? 10) Stop it with those buzzing sounds, I can't think!

*Hmmmmmm, will I make it in Angola? Time will only tell

It's been fun promoting IICD in RI. When I return tomorrow I begin working on helping out with IICD's 20th anniversary celebration. My team officially begins training on August 6th. Can't wait!