Chumbe Island Coral Park

The Island of Zanzibar rests on one gigantic fertile coral reef. We took a tour through Chumbe Island Coral Park to get a sense of the flora and fauna of this amazing island. *Note: If you are afraid of monkeys swinging in trees above your head, hollering loudly, this tour may not be fore you- lol.

"You will see Colobus monkeys in the canopies, but they can not hurt you." This is the first thing our guide said, and within minutes, I was snapping away like a national geographic photographer on assignment. Monkeys they promised and monkeys they delivered.

There was also a chameleon sighting.

The park was so lush and green. It was a magical experience. At one point we were so deep into the forest that all we could hear were the distant sounds of monkeys above us and the steady stream of water below us. At some point on the tour, I decided to strike a few yoga poses as we crossed a bridge. The funniest moment was when I attempted to go into crow pose. All of a sudden we heard the frantic screams of our guide "Miss, please, please miss. You must not do that. You will fall." I'm sure he thought I was insane.

This was a great day!