Careful What You Wish For

Fundraising in Rochester has actually been successful. Personally I have made goal for everyday that we've been here, granted one day I made seven dollars and another two hundred and seventy eight, but so it is. Well after my rant about the weather being oppressively hot hot hot, the weather decided to become cold cold cold. We dropped from almost 90 degrees to under 50 degrees in one day, literally. I was outside to observe the shift. It has been raining also, violent thunder and lightning storms. These are crazy times! I now have to walk around with a borrowed coat from my father since my coat is on the mountain.

I got my beads and jewelry back from Studio 34 and they were fantastic. It seems I am a natural jewelry maker/artisan. My glass blown beads were particularly beautiful. If anyone is ever in the Rochester area, you should really take a class at Studio 34 on Elton street (off of University), it's a great jewelry studio.

Alright, bringing on day number six of fundraising, wish me luck...