Greeting the Sun in Miami

IMG_8837 5:30 am

I was startled awake by the alarm. Where was I? My friend Krista's head popped up in the bed next to mine. I took in our white room. The thick white duvets, plush velvet bedposts. Then I remembered.

Slowly we made our way off Collins Ave towards the ocean.

The sand slid over our toes as we sank into the earth with each step.


6:00 am

"Maybe the clouds are covering the sun?" Krista suggested, pointing across the ocean, towards a dark sky.

6:02 am

A breakthrough!


6:05 am

Standing at the edge of the sand, the waves washed over my feet and ankles. The water, warmer then the air, was welcoming. It was clear there would be a show.


6:10 am

A coral shell is thrust towards me compliments of the ocean waves. I retrieve the shell, rinse the sand from it and admire its beauty. The sky too is coral.

6:15 am

Reclining in beach chairs, we stare transfixed as the sun, blood orange, stretched through the clouds.

The green of the water, the gray dawn clouded sky, seagulls playing between undulating waves....


6:20 am

A distinct orange hump can be seen over the horizon. The sun, like a a beach ball being buoyed along the surface of the ocean.

Slowly rising, parting clouds. Small clusters of people have gathered to admire the scene.

The wind picks up. I tie a beach towel around my shoulders like a cape. Super-Sunrise Goddess to the rescue!


6:30 am

Sshh... It is done. All is quiet and still.

6:31 am