IICD Massachusetts Development Instructor


I can't believe my team just started on Tuesday.

Busy, busy, busy... I'm so excited about what I will soon be doing, but there is a lot to do in the meantime.

There are 15 of us on my team, it's huge considering that we are together as a group from 8am to 10pm with few breaks. We will love each other and we will hate each other and my team is full of interesting characters (which putting it mildly). Before we go to our various countries in Africa, we must as a team fund raise $96,000.00. This will occur in a series of four two week long fund-raising trips. Our first trip will be in Washington D.C. in September. ;-) Living on a mountain in a commune-like community is growing on me day by day. At first I suffered from culture shock (post-honeymoon period of course) but things are really good right now. I've met some of the most amazing people from all over the world, people I would have never encountered otherwise. One of my favorite people here is my friend Valeria from Argentina. We are so similar! We've got the same sense of humor, share a love of yoga, music and spontaneous dancing,  we just don't really speak the same language even though we communicate very clearly. I can't explain it.

IMG_0831 I discovered a path through the forest that I've been walking for about a half an hour every morning. It's so peaceful and beautiful and damp and green I really love it. There's a bridge and a creek and one of my favorite activities is standing ankle deep in the freezing cold water in my flip flops letting the water rush over my feet. My senses are more acute here. Yesterday, I swear I heard a bear. I don't know what they sound like, but I was splashing away just happy as pie and something somewhere made a noise and I fled. Greylock, my favorite kitten is helping me write this right now. He has found his way over the bridge and into my building. There are five of us, sitting outside on the internet. Everyone is excited to have it, a weed-whacker ran over our connection chord not too long ago and ppppplllllltttttt... gone! I began my capoeira class yesterday. What a work-out, but so much fun. I learned two variations of the jingha. I taught a yoga class on Monday and will teach another one next Monday as well. Vinyasa style all the way.

There is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping cat/kitten and since I have one on my lap right now, I've gotta say tchau...