Communing with Nature in the South Bronx

Brook Park, Bronx Greenhouse  


20140513-215415.jpg20140513-215437.jpg20140513-215426.jpg20140513-215450.jpg20140513-215522.jpg20140513-215513.jpg20140513-215531.jpg20140513-215503.jpg20140513-215545.jpgI spent the day volunteering at Brook Park with my second graders. There's something so rejuvenating about stepping outside and into nature. Waist deep in weeds, my nails caked with soil, the smell of fresh mint in the air, it was easy to forget where I was.

Once an abandoned lot, Brook Park is now a flourishing community garden in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx. In addition to vegetables and herbs, the park features a community greenhouse, a chicken coop, a beehive, a large compost heap and space to gather peace and repose.

Community events are held regularly. Coming up,  a fascinating Indigenous Culture Festival on May 18th.

Where do you retreat, to catch a moment of repose?