How Much More Can We Take?

Day number two of internet on the mountain :0)Day number two of taking an ice cold shower first thing in the morning ;0(

With every victory comes defeat!

Today we will go to Albany, New York to fundraise door to door. First we are all scheduled to receive HIV/AIDS tests at a free clinic outside of Albany so that we may apply for our visas to Angola. Angolan visas are very difficult to obtain. We have a long list of things that we must do in order to be able to apply.

We are still in the middle of a massive ice storm. Last night, we pulled our white van approx one foot up the 1/2 mile mountain driveway expanse before it gave out and began spinning back onto the street. We were all so tired from fundraising that we just got out and left it. It took us so long to work our way up the mountain. The path was pure ice. Imagine walking on ice in slippers at a 90 degree incline, that's what it was like. We were all holding hands. I was the first to fall. I took two steps outside of the van and landed flat on my face in the snow and ice, it was fantastic!

We called for back-up to see if anyone with four wheel drive could drive down to get us and no-one could make it down the mountain. So we were left to our own devices, or left for dead depending on your perspective. Luckily, after twenty minutes of inching forward, arms linked in a human chain, with hail striking at us like missiles from the sky, our director pulled up in her jeep and was able to drive us the rest of the way up the mountain. Everyday is a new adventure! Today, who knows?

After the traumatizing events of last night, I had a dream. I hardly ever remember my dreams, but this one was vivid. Tamika, Makiko and I were in an unspecified country in Africa. Somehow we were all together without any luggage in a massive airport terminal where nobody spoke English, Portuguese or Japanese and there were no signs so none of us could communicate. Then we were outside on this long dusty road. It was hot and windy, red dust was everywhere. We didn't know what to do so we walked and walked and walked. Finally a person tells us to turn right at the bush and we're like what bush? Then there is an enormous tumbleweed-like biblical bush and we turn right. Right in front of us is a small hut. We enter and a lady is inside, she welcomes us to our project and takes us to a tiny dark room with one window and two cots and says this is where you'll be staying and disappears. We all look at each other and she leaves. Makiko and Tamika claim the two cots as I stand staring at the window that has no screen. What about me? I ask and they say, oh you'll sleep on the floor. What! There are scorpions, I'm not sleeping on the floor in the bush! So they push the rickety, dusty cots together and the three of us hop on and stare at each other. There is no screen in the window, we're going to die of malaria Tamika states matter of factly and then the dream was over. Yep! Good times!!!!!!