Travel the World Without Leaving Your Zip Code with GlobeIn Artisan Boxes!

Travel the World Without Leaving Your Zip Code with GlobeIn Artisan Boxes! One of my favorite pastimes as a traveler is scouring central markets and bazaars for trinkets and treasures to bring home.

I enter without agenda and follow my senses, tasting, trying, until I've found the perfect meal or little mementos to bring back home, mementos, vivid in taste or color that remind me of the places I've visited.

With two boys under the age of four, my globe trotting days (though not behind me) are on a bit of a necessary hiatus. Even though I spend the majority of my time in Brooklyn, my wanderlust is still so very alive and well, which is why I am so utterly in love with GlobeIn!

Please note, I am in no way whatsoever getting compensated in the form of gifts or money for this post, I am merely endorsing a product that I am over the moon about.

GlobeIn, brings the world's central markets and bazaars to my Brooklyn doorstep.

Here's how they do it. GlobeIn creates unique artisan boxes of rare and unique finds from around the world. All of the items are healthy (if food), fair trade, and sustainably harvested. The boxes, which are in actuality not boxes but colorful woven palm leaf baskets from Mexico, all have themes such as cooking, entertaining, or bake and arrive once a month.

Opening a GlobeIn box is so exciting because you have no idea what goodies are inside. I let my kids do the honors with great pomp and circumstance.

It's like receiving an awesome souvenir present from your world traveling alter-ego once a month, fresh from...Ghana, or the Philippines, or India, or Palestine- the sky is the limit.

GlobeIn subscriptions are easy and pretty inexpensive. You can opt for three or six month subscriptions or a year long subscription, either way, it's so much fun. GlobeIn Artisan Boxes make a fun gift for the traveling soul in your life, or for yourself if you, like me, have wanderlust up the wazoo!

In my most recent box, here's what I got...

Za'atar Spice Mix from Palestine (get me in the kitchen now!)

Colorful Coasters from Ghana (now I have to throw a party!)

Sun-dried Tomato Caper Spread from Palestine (back into the kitchen to make something awesome for this party that I must throw!)

Tea Time Bunting from India (must have the hubby instal those new outdoor lights from which I will hang the colorful bunting, for the party, that I absolutely must throw, very, very soon!)

All of which came tucked lovingly inside my beautiful palm leaf basket from Mexico. These baskets are so adorable and provide great storage for, say, baby socks (mine are everywhere), hair things, toy dinosaurs and cars, your husband's shaving gear (shove it in a box, put it in a corner and ta-da, you don't have to look at it), the list goes on... can you start your subscription?

Simply visit

Psssst... If you enter BESTFRIEND at checkout, you'll get $20.00 off your subscription!

I am so grateful to the visionary folks at GlobeIn. They've created a way for me to explore the world, appreciate different tastes and experience beautiful handcrafted treasures without leaving the borough of Brooklyn- amazing!