Decadent Healthy Hot Chocolate

20140111-145130.jpg Wait a minute Sojourner, decadent, healthy and chocolate in one mention?

Yes, my dear reader, yes!

I love to indulge in rich hot chocolate, especially when the weather dips below zero (what has been going on lately?) There's something so lovely and soothing about sipping warm creamy chocolate and I feel even better about my sinful sips, knowing that I'm drinking to my health as well. You see, health is all about the ingredients.

Follow me...


This is your basic set of ingredients. You can choose to get fancy as I usually do, or you can settle for the old classic.

What You'll Need:

- 2 Cups of Milk (Here I chose regular organic cow's milk which I think tastes the best, but you can substitute any    milk of your preference).

- 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

- About a 2" by 2 1/2" chunk of organic dark chocolate 70% or higher


What You May Want to Add:

- Brown sugar to taste (you may skip this step if you like a bitter dark chocolate)

- Cinnamon to taste (a simple sprinkle will do, you may skip this step if you don't enjoy cinnamon in your chocolate)

- Cayenne pepper (just a tiny pinch to add a pop of spice, you may skip this step if you don't like spicy hot chocolate)



Combine your milk, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon and cayenne into a pot on your stove top. Set the heat to medium and whisk slowly to help the ingredients blend together.

Be mindful of where your chocolate is. I like to concentrate my whisking in that area to help melt and distribute the chocolatey goodness.

It takes less than five minutes, to blend your ingredients together. Note, the heavenly aroma. Your neighbors may come calling!

Pour your decadent and healthy hot chocolate into the mugs or tea cups of your liking and enjoy!




So, what makes this healthy?

There are three ingredients that make this delicious treat healthy:

Dark chocoalate, Cayenne pepper and Cinnamon.

Dark chocolate in my opinion is a super food. It contains a ton of anti-oxidants and has heart healthy attributes as it is known to lower blood pressure and aid in the prevention of blood clots. Dark chocolate also contains the chemical PEA which helps to release endorphins resulting in the blissful feeling of being in love. Does it get any better than this?

Cayenne pepper is cleansing, warming and detoxifying. Cayenne pepper eases stomach and throat irritation, helps to break up mucus (a great compliment to all of that milk) and has anti-fungal properties. Cayenne is a great addition to winter beverages especially during cold and flu season.

Cinnamon is a miraculous spice that is known to regulate blood sugar, reduce LDL (harmful) cholesterol levels, and manage minor pain. Cinnamon contains manganese, fiber, calcium and iron and tastes so lovely.


So there you have it...decadent, healthy, hot chocolate!