Impromptu Wine Tasting in Seattle

I really don't do a whole lot of planning when I take a trip. Barring securing a hotel, I did no planning whatsoever for Seattle.

How did I set out to see the city?

Well, I grabbed all of the brochures in the hotel lobby, I questioned the hotel front desk workers with the intensity of a defense attorney, and I allowed my cousin Brielle and my friend Elisha (both enthusiastic residents) to show me their beloved city.

Usually the best things are not planned. Such was the case when Brielle, Mark, Ohm and I found ourselves engaging in an exquisite and intimate impromptu wine, cheese, and fruit tasting.

The Scene:

Down the street from the Seattle Space Needle

If you look really closely, you'll spot Brielle, Ohm and I posing in a random parking lot.

The Place:


100 4th Avenue North, Suite 150 Seattle, WA 98109 Phone (206) 404 2743

Unobtrusively tucked inside a small plaza, we just happened to glance at the window and like children in a candy store spotted floor to ceiling walls of wine.

The Cheese Cellar was calling our name. The staff was super friendly. We got a quick briefing on the local wines. We were educated about the merits of sheep's milk and cheeses.

The shop was empty and very baby friendly. Brielle entertained Ohm, as Mark and I drooled over the wine.

Intending to only get a glass each, we found ourselves seated at the large communal table in the center of the shop, a platter of locally crafted goodies before us.

What was on our plate?

Pure goodness!

We were given a selection of artisanal cheeses, local cured meats, and savory olives.

Brielle drank a Chardonnay,  Mark drank a Cabernet, Ohm had almond milk and I had Merlot. Wine in hand, we slurped, cackled and laughed while delighting in the gifts on our platter. There was plenty to go around.

To my surprise, I learned my one year old is a fan of olives and goat cheese.

It was all so very good.

The Cheese Cellar was a wonderful find.