On My Own

Alas, I am officially alone. It started yesterday morning when Tina left. And I've been alone ever since. I have been just fine though.Last night I tutored Belview my neighbor in order to have company. He's a stubborn pupil. Getting him to focus can be like pulling teeth. He is all over the place. Very easily distracted.

I've been blasting my I-pod music now that I have speakers and I've focused my energy on my writing. I've been a writing fiend. I can't stop. Tracy left a manuscript that she is working on for me to edit, so it's nice to be able to get out of my head and jump into the world of her story.

I can't stop eating passion fruit. It's my new favorite. Mango season has left me and last Sunday while I was watching movies in town at Akisha's house, she introduced me to the sweet, savory, succulent passion fruit. They are gifts from the heavens. I can't get enough.

I also can't get enough tea. I don't know what's gotten into me. I have about four cups of tea a day. Black tea with milk, no sugar. I've become British. I even take biscuits with my tea. Lately I've been partial to the Maria biscuit. It's a classic, very subtle, yet elegant. There are around twenty or so different varieties of Mozambican produced biscuits. Each with its own unique flavor and nuance. I will stop talking about food. I am always hungry.

Our cat La Linia aka. Freaky, had babies. She gave birth to two tiny squirming kitties. At first I couldn't find them. I would hear them cry and I'd run around trying to follow the sound of their squeaky little croaks. Finally, last night, I located the litter, nestled snug between the refrigerator and the oven. Not the best location, I realize, but we never use the oven, so they should be fine. The kittens are so tiny. I would guess they are three days old or so. They can't even open their little eyes yet. Both fit in the palm of my hand. They are just the cutest little things ever. It's very exciting for me as I've been slightly bored and will grow even more bored and restless as the days go by until Tracy returns.

I have great plans however. There is a guitar in our living room. I decided this morning that I will teach myself how to play it. I've never taken lessons. I've never even held a guitar before, but I'm confident I'll be able to strum a little tune in two weeks time.

I've also decided that I will paint a series of self-portraits. I've got my mirror. I've got drawing paper, pencils, pens, and paints. What can I say, narcissism never killed anyone.

Back to work. Today is a half day.