Game Time at Brooklyn's Barclays Center- Go Net's Go!

I am many things, a sports enthusiast I am not.

A resident of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, I, like many of my neighbors watched with curiosity and some anxiety as our neighborhood underwent a massive change - the arrival of the Barclays Center Stadium. I watched the Barclays stadium grow, almost rod by rod. I watched my husband and his friends salivate and buzz with glee at the prospect of Brooklyn gaining its own NBA team. I watched, I waited, until one day in the early Fall it had transpired. Brooklyn was the home of a world-class, state of the art, arena.

Off we walked, one chilly evening, Mark, Ohm, and I (well, technically Ohm was carried), 15 minutes down Atlantic Avenue towards the Barclays Center to catch one of the first games of the season.

Whereas I wasn't particularly thrilled about the prospect of sitting through a basketball game, I was curious about the massive new stadium that had descended upon Brooklyn like a spaceship.

The stadium had garnered quite a buzz and not just from sports fans. There was a prominent roster of concerts that the venue was slated to host.

After making our way through the very long line that snaked around Flatbush, we were greeted by an ultra-modern, classy and clean event space that more closely resembled a fancy office building than a basketball arena. I was impressed.

As we made our way toward the concessions, I was astonished. Instead of the standard popcorn, hotdogs and soda, there were local gourmet food options including, sushi, Junior's famous deserts, Blue Marble Ice Cream, a fresh salad, a Habana Outpost stand and a host of other delectable local Brooklyn favorites. It was, minus the basketball part, my kind of stadium.

Our seats were comfortable as far as seats go. The game happened as far as games go. People cheered, players played and I read magazines and snapped pictures.

At 16 months, it was Ohm's first basketball game. He had a great time, as did the other children in the crowd. I was surprised to see so many little ones. As far as venues go, it was quite child-friendly (just be careful on the very steep stairs).

The Barclays Center did not disappoint! I look forward to visiting again. Only next time, I hope my visit will be for the purpose of  a concert or the circus as opposed to a basketball game...






The Barclays Center is located at:

620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Click here for a schedule of events.