Aurthur Avenue in the Bronx is the Best Place to Find Authentic Italian Food!

So, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It just so happens that on our last visit to New York we rediscovered Arthur Ave.  

What's so great about that you say? 

Well, I'll tell you! 

Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is the best place to find authentic Italian Food in New York! 

I kid you not! 


Hidden deep in the insane hustle and bustle of the Bronx lies the original Little Italy! Although many of those original inhabitants have moved away, an entire network of restaurants and shops remain. 

Aurthur Avenue in the Fordham section of the Bronx is an Italian food lovers dream! 

And our very favorite place to dine is none other than the neighborhood staple- Marios. 


Historic, Zagat rated and full of charm, Marios will not disappoint. 


 The service is fast and attentive. 

 The atmosphere, spacious, old world and family friendly. 

 The food is simply amazing! 

Everything is good! 

From the warm crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside bread and olive oil to the wine (and they've got quite a selection) Marios is sure to satisfy. 


 The pasta dishes are light and bursting with richness. 


 The dessert- I recommend the cannoli cream cake ( take a moment and imagine that).  I assure you that whatever you imagined was nothing close to the moist, creamy, richness of Marios cannoli cream cake!

Even the coffee that goes with the dessert is bold and flavorful. Every detail is expertly tended to.

Perhaps that's why people  come from all over the tri-state region to enjoy Marios. 

Marios ( 2342 Arthur Ave. Bronx)

So now you know!