Waltz of the Taste Buds at the Brooklyn Flea


It is not a bad problem to have. Not a bad problem at all.

You're standing in the warm afternoon sun, staring at trays of large exotically flavored donuts (think dulce de leche, creme brulee, toasted coconut, blood orange...).

This is not in and of itself the problem, you see, your dilemma manifests as you become distracted by the hand blended natural sodas to your right boasting flavors such as hibiscus ginger, rosemary apple and lemon sage, while behind you, the buttery smell of fresh pressed custom order grilled cheese sandwiches wafts seductively into your nostrils.

Turning, you notice a booth that specializes in organic hand spun milkshakes. You can see your end. You begin to sweat. You're in heaven, but you're also in a lot of trouble, because you realize you can't possibly eat everything no matter how alluring.

At some point you will have to make a decision. Will you try a spicy tuna taco (hello Japanese/Mexican fusion), or will you opt for one of the extra large ice cream cookie sandwiches? It's a troubling moment. Granted we're talking developed world troubles, but you're torn nonetheless.

Fretfully you confer with your food loving friend Fred. Together you decide the best strategy is to divide and conquer.

He heads off towards the buttery grilled cheese, you stroll in the direction of the Japanese/Mexican taco fusions. You decide to meet later by the donuts, where together you'll move on to the ice cream cookie sandwiches and then the handmade soda waters and then, if you haven't toppled over from a heart attack or stroke or both, why not try some macaroni and cheese with sauerkraut?

Many people are attracted to the Brooklyn Flea because of its reputation as a top destination for those interested in shopping  for antiques, vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, pottery, collectables and boutique clothes.

In fact, it's been featured on HGTV and the Travel Chanel for those very reasons.

Although the shopping is nice, I have a different motivation. I go for the food!

Okay, and for the people watching.

But mostly for the food.









What you didn't get to see was my dark chocolate frosted donut with cocoa nibs from my favorite Brooklyn donut shop Dough. That's because I had to get it to go. I was way too stuffed after the cookie to fit anything else in.


Long story short, the flea attracts some of the best local food vendors and is the perfect place to sample goodies and discover new favorites.


So how can you join the waltz of the taste buds?

You'll have to come to Brooklyn!

The Brooklyn Flea is located in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn at 176 Lafayette Ave, New York (at the lot of Bishop Loughlin High School) and is only open on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

See you there!