A Touch of Brasil in Herald Square

I wish I were a natural green thumb. I crave green leafy goodness to enliven the dull slate that characterizes city living. Despite my best intentions, I am the curator of a string of failed urban garden attempts. Luckily, my longing to see vibrant green, eye-popping red and creamy yellow was satisfied today with a trip to the Macy’s Flower Show.

A Herald Square tradition since 1953, the Springtime show features an aromatic and beguiling array of flowers and plants making it the perfect anecdote to the gray rainy haze that regularly parades itself as Springtime in New York.

The theme of this years show is “Brasil: Gardens in Paradise.” Running from March 25- April 7, “Brasil: Gardens in Paradise” is free to the public and well worth the twenty minutes or so you’ll most likely spend on line.

The show is housed inside a large tent (spanning just under a block) located in front of the main entrance to Macy’s at Herald Square.

The windows at Macy’s, similar to the pomp and circumstance of the Christmas season, are decked out in the festive fashion of Brazilian Carnival.  Allow your feet to shuffle and step  as Samba music escapes onto the street.

One step inside the show tent, and one is greeted with warm humid air, the smell of earth and greenery, the sound of birds and running water, and a colorful quilt of exotic plants and flowers.

Designed to resemble various floral landscapes in Brazil, you will be transported from a waterfall beside a bridge, to a porch in Rio, to a market square and on and on as you stroll through the tent. Sensual and compelling, “Brasil: Gardens in Paradise” is a journey that transcends time and place.

*Note: The Flower Show hours are the same as the Macy's store hours.