Satisfy Your Craving for Soda without Sugar and Artificial Ingredients with Kaya Water

Satisfy Your Craving for Soda without  Sugar and Artificial Ingredients with Kaya Water!IMG_0697.JPG One of the hardest things about being a mom, is getting my four year old to consume enough fluids.

He doesn't like water, is not really a fan of milk, can occasionally be convinced to drink tea if I've drenched it in honey and wants nothing to do with my apple cider vinegar alkaline morning drink.

Ohm loves soda and fruit juice. His exposure to both have been very limited, but that's all it takes for the damage to be done, this is why I'm so grateful for Kaya Water!

Kaya Water, a new line of sparkling, flavored waters is both delicious and nutritive. Inspired by the balancing tenants of Ayurvedic wisdom, Kaya water contains no preservatives, no sucralose or high fructose corn syrup, is non-GMO, low glycemic and caffeine free.


Kaya Water is sweetened simply and deliciously with organic agave nectar and stevia extract. In fact, when you look under the ingredients, you should be relieved to know you'll be able to identify and pronounce everything listed.


Kaya Water is available in three delicious flavors: Pomberry (pomegranate and blueberry), Lemon Lime, and Tropical (pineapple, mango- this is my favorite!)

Created by a local New York husband and wife team, Kaya water is derived from the very first principle of Ayurvedic medicine, kaya-chikitsa, the study of internal medicine that deals with cleansing and purification was developed with a goal of having a healthy drink that is as tasty as soda.

IMG_0706.JPGThis is a beverage you can let your kids drink and enjoy (they don't need to know it's all natural).

It's a beverage that you can indulge in, guilt free (there are only 45 calories per bottle- yay agave!).

At $1.99 a bottle, Kaya Water is affordable and makes for a wonderful soda alternative.

You can find Kaya Water online at or at GNC and other select retailers.