Sojourner Features: Traveler Kyle Foster

Each week, during the month of July, I’m interviewing and featuring world travelers whose adventurous spirits inspire us to keep exploring and experiencing the world. This week, I’d like to introduce- Kyle Foster!

       1. Tell us about yourself!

Peace, First of all I would like to give honor to this venue as well the host, a comrade,  Mrs. Sojourner Walker-Williams as she is representing here in this blog the voice of thousands of young travelers, volunteers, and curious cats who are doing fantastic things outside of their countries of origin. Here reporting to you live, I am Kyle Fernando Foster-El.  I am a Moorish American rather a descendant of the Indigenous Moors whom inhabited the North Western and South Western Shores of Amexem, the true divine name for Africa - currently America : ) There is a wealth of knowledge and information for any person who would dare to embark upon that journey, but this is not the venue for that particular discourse however it describes the most essential details of me.

2.  Where do you currently live?

Kobe, Japan.


3.  What is the first country you traveled to internationally? What were your impressions?

        The first country I traveled to internationally, I would say Moçambique.  I had the chance to travel to Canada twice but, sure that doesn't count. There aren't enough words in the young english language or any other for that matter, that can describe the impressions that I received in Africa.  As an international volunteer, which was my experience, or for any other reason one goes on an expedition; to have the first experience be in Africa - priceless.  The land of the origin of everything.  I recall the journey from the airport; the cool African jazz playing and the accent of the Cabby, just like in the movies.  I remember checking into my hotel in Johannesburg during the night and immediately throwing my bags down on the bed and kicking my shoes off so that I could go outside and let my feet touch the African soil. Wow!  And the people, what can I say.


4.  When did you first realize you were bitten by the travel bug?

        Well growing up as a "military kid" I would say that I have always been accustomed to bouncing around ,the US at   least; including passing my childhood in Hawaii (super cool : )  You know it's kind of strange too because though I have been known throughout my circle of friends as "the traveler", when I am home with family I spend a lot of time in the house.  So ironically, yes I am actually a home body.


5.  Do you have a travel mantra?

        I do, firstly for my trips I always try to book a window seat, as I feel the need to see what goes on outside the plane at all times; I'm watching the loading crew, the runway, the skies, as if to make sure all is well.  Then once the plane is at the start of the run-way getting ready to accelerate into take off,  I sit in an upright meditative position, hands clasped in my lap.  I then commence to recite the words from my M.A.P (my Moorish American Prayer) - while envisioning a smooth flight and safe arrival to my destination. Simple but effective.


6.  If you could spontaneously pack up tomorrow and head anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?

        Wow! At this juncture in my life, I am seeking out meetings with remarkable women and men who can help me in my striving for personal development and all that good stuff. So I would have to say I'd love to spend time in a monastery in the mountains of Asia, maybe in China or Tibet.  I've heard of an interesting one in Datong, China, but I think I'd prefer one more tucked away in the wilderness.  I could receive some of the richest impressions there with those Shamans and Pious men of the hills and I'm sure I'd find serenity partaking in their daily rituals and routines while in that ambient; a chance to just take in all the secluded tranquility of the peaks and valleys.  Maybe I'd find myself trying to levitate or produce a fire ball through my Qi energy or something : )  Okay okay okay I know that may seem a bit far fetched for many but hey I'm still a dreamer.