Portuguese, nao problema!

My presentation this evening was a smashing success (my opinion)! Really, it wasn't bad. I think I've got the hang of this Portuguese language thing- as long as I have a paper in front of me to read the pre-planned words off of that is. I'm actually surprisingly good at writing in Portuguese, it's the act of speaking and understanding that stumps me.

The students laughed at my jokes and I was able to put my goofy personality on display. At the end there was a question and answer segment and of course all they asked was how old I was and if I was single. It was funny. I was surprised though because two students did come up to me afterwards to see if they could read some of my writing; too bad I left the book I published at home along with my article and all of the drafts of my fiction pieces. So I guess I'll have to write some new things.

Also, as a result of my presentation, my project leader asked if I would be interested in forming a drama/theatare group. OF COURSE!!!!!! That's exactly what I wanted to do in the first place. I just wish my Portuguese were oh let's say 100 times better so that I could be more effective. I could get by at first I suppose by writing my lessons and reading them and getting the students who speak English well to help me translate the other student's questions.

I'm so excited. It looks like there will be lights, cameras and social-action in Mozambique after all!