Touring Osaka? Visit the Museum of Housing and Living

One of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to is the Osaka Museum of Housing and  Living. When it comes to interactive historical and cultural fun, this is one museum that does not disappoint.


It’s like stepping through time! I always loved the life-sized dioramas of native people at natural history museums when I was a child. At the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, they take it one step further. The glass is removed and you are allowed to become part of the exhibit as you learn about the history of Japan from the ancient Edo period to the more contemporary Showa period.


There are no “Don’t Touch” signs, you get to touch and interact and experience Japanese culture first hand. You even get to play dress-up! It was kind of like playing in a life-sized doll house set in ancient Japan. It really was the coolest experience.

Even Mr. Cool Austere Jazz musician can't help but smile.

No kimono for Ohm. He was too little. They do carry toddler and children's sizes though.

If you find yourself in Osaka, you've got to visit this museum!


6-4-20 Tenjinbashi Kita-ku


admission ¥600


10am-5pm Wed-Mon



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