Tokyo Food Show

I had found my zone. Before me lay rows of delectable glossy French pastries, fine teas, sushi, escargot, puddings, warm breads and savory cheeses. Welcome to the Tokyo Food Show, the sign read. My lips spread into a grin. I could feel my jeans getting tighter from mere suggestion.


Leaving Mark and Ohm behind in a cream puff scented trail of imaginary dust, I set off  in search of lunch- if you can call a tray of flaky warm pastries lunch (I personally have no qualms with this).


Located next to the Shibuya metro station in Mark City, the Tokyo Food Show is exactly what the name implies an elaborate show of the best of Tokyo’s food.


Dozens of vendors and fine confectioners line the showroom. Some of the best restaurants and hotels in Tokyo have stalls where you can sample their coveted culinary highlights.


I came for the baked goods. The Japanese have mastered the art of French baking. If you love macrons, éclairs, croissants, cream puffs, then you will not be disappointed.


Be warned, the food is quite pricy. The conversion rate from the dollar to the yen is not pretty. Luckily there are plenty of samples available to help you make the right choices.

In the end, I settled on this guy below.

It was as if he was speaking to me, "eat me Sojourner. Eat me in all of my rich butter cream, almond goodness..."

So I did, and it was so worth the tight jeans.