Portuguese Language Exchange at IICD Massachusetts


Portuguese Language Exchange at IICD Massachusetts Oi! My informal Portuguese lessons have begun. Bellini, one of the Brazilian volunteers is working with me. We've got a little language exchange going, he's teaching me Portuguese and I'm giving him English lessons. We practice in the Library after dinner. All I can say is that I have a lot of work to do. The pronunciation is extremely difficult for me. I swear I'm repeating exactly what he is saying, but apparently I'm not. Portuguese has so many soft sounds that just don't exist in English. I've got six and a half months to learn this language. I will be fluent!

I have notes from our sessions taped to the wall around my bed so that I can practice. Speaking of things around my bed, something has decided to make two gigantic cocoons on the curtains near my headboard. I am not excited about this. I am not at all thrilled. I am trying to remain calm, but this is not a good situation and I am afraid that if I attempt to remove them whatever is inside will jump out. My friend James, my bug killer, is away on a fundraising trip in Boston. Right now it is Sojourner versus the cocoons. They are winning.

I've found my local NPR station. It's one of the only stations that works. Now I can stay connected to the world. We have a huge television with like 500 channels, but everyone uses it and I can never catch any t.v. time except for the "Sex and the City" reruns around 11pm, when the t.v. traffic dies down. This is such a step away from where I have been, from my comfort level, but isn't that what life is about, shaking things up a bit, looking at things from a different angle? And truly, it's not so bad, I'm making it work and I'm so excited about getting trained to work in Angola. That will be a great adventure.