10 Reasons to Love Ft. Greene Brooklyn

There are so many more than just 10 Reasons to Love Ft. Greene Brooklyn! If you love art, music, dance, beaches, breathtaking Manhattan skyline views, children, hipsters, hipster children, dogs, bicycles, trees, farmer's markets, cutting edge restaurants, yoga, or are into carrying hemp bags or even woven baskets when grocery shopping to avoid wasting plastic, then Brooklyn may be for you!


Brooklyn is booming right now! People are leaving Manhattan in record numbers, to flock to its hip, tree-lined streets.


When I left Manhattan five years ago and moved to Brooklyn, I was overwhelmed with a sense of belonging. I had found my tribe. Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, was and still is, my perfect city match.




brooklyn museumIMG_3430.JPGIMG_3082.JPGFrom the pier-lined waterfront with breathtaking Manhattan views, to the beaches, to the endless rows of immaculate, tree-lined 19th century brownstones, Brooklyn in my place and cozy, artsy, family-friendly, quirky, diverse, Ft. Greene, a place I'm fortunate enough to call home, is my favorite neighborhood!


IMG_3268.JPGIMG_3339.JPGIMG_3282.JPGIMG_3286.JPG10 Reasons to Love Ft. Greene, Brooklyn:

  1. One of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, Ft. Greene is racially and ethnically diverse and is home to a large European ex-pat community. Walking down the street you see interracial couples of every possible combination. School playgrounds are a tapestry of colors. It's a beautiful thing to see.
  2. The Arts thrive in Ft. Greene. Between BAM (The Brooklyn Academy of Music) and it's numerous manifestations including the Shakespearean Theatre, The BAM Rose Independent Film Cinema,  The BAM Harvey Theatre (home of contemporary off-Broadway works), to the Mark Morris Dance Group, the New York Writer's Coalition, CUMBE Dance Center, the Museum of the Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, and being in close walking proximity to the Brooklyn Museum and the massive Brooklyn Library Central Branch, there is no shortage of artistic entertainment and merriment in Ft. Greene.
  3. Green spaces everywhere. Ft. Greene has so many beautiful parks and playgrounds. From the stunning rolling fields of Ft. Greene Park which hosts live music, farmer's markets and local events, Ft. Greene residents are within quick walking distance (10-20 minutes- and yes, in New York, that is close proximity) from Brooklyn's shining green jewels- Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
  4. Historic Brownstones- At one point in time, Brooklyn was a wealthy suburb of New York City. The area of Ft. Greene, which is close to the periphery of Manhattan was adorned with elegant brownstones where they remain beautifully preserved and landscaped.
  5. Ft. Greene is so darn family friendly! Families and children are everywhere. As a parent, this means, you won't be shamed if you bring your children to nicer restaurants. In fact, most kids in New York, because they're used to the cultural options, are very well behaved inside cafes, bistros and elegant restaurant settings. People will also not look twice if you bring your children to the local beer garden or wine bar, as long as you're not literally sitting at the bar.
  6. Ft. Greene is pet friendly! In addition to the open park space for dogs to run and play, restaurants up and down Fulton, DeKalb and Myrtle offer water dishes and treats to your furry friends if you take advantage of sidewalk seating. Every Halloween in Ft. Greene Park, there is a doggy costume parade- it's serious!
  7. Excellent dining! Brooklyn, Ft. Greene included, is home to some of the most innovative restaurants in the country. In addition to wonderful food, you can find a little bit of everything in terms of ethnic food and variety in Ft. Greene. Within a quick right and then a quick left from my doorstep I can choose from Italian, French, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Southern, Farm to Table, Vegan, Barbeque, Caribbean, Nigerian, Sushi, Chinese, Vietnamese, it's so incredible! This quick two block span doesn't take into account the numerous specialty bakeries, cheese, doughnut and ice-cream shops. Add to this, the presence of cafes and you won't be disappointed when it comes to snacking or dining in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn.
  8. Ft. Greene is easily walkable. With wide sidewalks, picturesque blocks, and an easy layout, it is easy to stroll and enjoy Ft. Greene by foot. The entire neighborhood is within close walking distance. You can also easily make your way by foot to the neighborhoods of Park Slope, Prospect Park, Downtown Brooklyn, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy, from Ft. Greene.
  9. Ft. Greene's buildings have a great view of the Manhattan skyline. Ft. Greene is one of the first neighborhoods you'll hit in Brooklyn as you come in from Manhattan. While not on the waterfront itself, many buildings offer beautiful rooftop views of the Manhattan skyline. From my bedroom window, I can look out on a clear day and see the Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Sometimes you have to get out of Manhattan, to be able to admire it.
  10. Ft. Greene is a great place to be outdoorsy. In addition to the parks, the streets are full of bike lanes for bikers, and wide sidewalks for joggers. Never crowded, always fluid, Ft. Greene is a great place to be outdoors.

Ft. Greene is worth a visit. The next time you're in New York City, plan a Brooklyn exploration day!

Brooklyn really is booming! Stroll across the bridge and make your way to Ft. Greene by foot or hop on the C or the G trains to Lafayette street.

However you get here, you're going to love it and you're not going to want to leave!