The Benefits of Hemp: A Review of Hemp Hearts

20140814-135147.jpg Recently I received a box of Hemp Hearts to try and review.

Despite my affinity towards healthy foods, hemp was uncharted territory.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to give hemp a try!

Hemp Hearts, which are ground hemp seeds are lovely. Almost soft, slightly nutty in the manner of a pistachio, slightly fishy (subtle, but like an omega-3 vitamin aftertaste), I found the Hemp Hearts to be a welcome addition to my meal.

I sampled the hearts on vanilla Greek yogurt, but your options are limitless: in smoothies, on cereal, in granola, in your baking, to name a few.


Hemp Hearts are a great protein source for people like me who eat very little meat. In one serving, there are ten grams of protein ( not too shabby). Hemp is also heart healthy as it's full of omega-3's.


I'm so grateful to have been selected to review Hemp Hearts. I now have a new product to add to my health boosting arsenal.

I see a trusty trio forming- hemp, chia and flax in everything!