Tracy's Back !!!!

Tracy came back! It was so exciting to have another human being around, a kindred spirit, who speaks my language. Woa! She came with stories and books and South African magazines. As shallow as it may sound, I was so happy to update myself with the "latest" this that and the other thing. It's been a long two months!

It is officially winter. The temperature is perfect around 65 to 80 degrees depending on the time of day. It's so nice to not break a sweat. We walked into the city today and it was so comfortable... finally!

We're having a slumber party tomorrow. Our friend Akisha is coming over as well as Priscilla another D.I. from a project in Chimoio.

I'm still sleeping in the pantry. Still fearful of another huntsman spider attack. I have to move out by tomorrow though and tonight, I'm going to examine every corner of my room with Tracy to make sure that nothing is living or hiding inside.