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I'm Giving In and Planning My Next Few Weekend Getaways!

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It is amazing how many facts, thoughts and ideas we hold onto during the day. I am not by nature a trip planner, however, when I couldn’t remember the name of the boutique hotel in Santa Fe, where I’ve been plotting a stay for months, I decided perhaps, just maybe, it was time for me to take a moment and write some things down.

I think weekend trips are so much more difficult to plan than longer trips. On a long trip, you have time to feel out your environment, explore, get local recommendations without the pressure of a schedule. It takes a bit of planning to use your time effectively on a weekend or long weekend stay.

In these situations I try to focus on the intent of my trip (if any) and isolate one or two activities, restaurants and a place to stay in the heart of my chosen scene.

There are three weekend (or long weekend) trips I’m in the process of planning for this fall:

1) Santa Fe, New Mexico

I’ve never been to Santa Fe, but I’ve been wanting to go for a while. Perhaps it’s the writing of Barbara Kingsolover or my holistic, new age, proclivities. As an East Coaster, the American Southwest is an exotic unknown land. I look forward to photographing the desert and gazing at the stars. Hotel: The Inn of the Governors, a cozy boutique hotel that seems to both blend into the environment around it and stand out like a piece of art. Places I plan to visit: Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe Railyard Artisans Market at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market where I want to try the local cuisine which is supposed to have it’s own unique flair. I love Mexican food and I hear they do it well in Santa Fe.

2) London, England

I’m only planning a weekend in London because I’ve already been- twice. On this trip I want to focus on the British preoccupation with tea and on Literary tours. Stay: The Hotel Ibis, a modern British hotel conveniently located in Central London. Places I plan to visit: I want to sit on the bank of the river Thames and write, Camden Lock Market, People watching at Piccadilly Circus, Postcard Tea, and the London Eye. Tours I plan to take: Literary London Walk Where I intend to sip tea: The Goring Afternoon Tea

3) Miami, Florida

I’ve only ever passed through Miami. Each time, I wished I could stop, slow down and take a moment to explore. The focus of my weekend in Miami will be on food, fun and Miami Beach, South Beach to be specific. Stay: The Raleigh Hotel SoBe a beautiful Art Deco style hotel right in the middle of all the action. This is a definite splurge, but every now and again- why not? I’ve stayed in my share of hostels. Places I plan to visit: South Beach and Lincoln Road Where I intend to eat: Versailles Restaurant, Naomi’s A Taste of Haiti, The Cypress Room, Restaurant Michael Schwartz (Yes, I plan on gorging myself.)

Do you prepare for weekend trips or is it simply c'est la vie?